hello from us…

Greetings Earthlings and welcome to infinitejestrecords.com!!

…the e-spiritual home of Infinite Jest Records, a new independent record label based in London. We gave birth to ourselves with the intention to release music from bands that we know and love, and to give them a teeny tiny acorn of a platform from which they can grow to be grand Oak trees of rock n roll!

The first release is the single “Freud” from Oh Ruin, scheduled for release on November 11th. Oh Ruin are a London based three piece who make dark, sludgy, beardy rock. “Freud” is the first single for their forthcoming album “Trojan Rag”, earmarked for release by us this coming spring. They have some London shows in the pipeline which we will be sure to let you know about soon as they’re confirmed.


Hot on the heels of Oh Ruin comes “Modern Spring”, the first single from London dream poppers Memory Maze.

That friends, is all for now. We’ll be posting music and videos very soon, so visit again!


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